Kindle Beamy covers not only guarantee the very best protection for your Kindle but also represents the highest quality.


The cover is made of premium-quality leather, the inside of the front is covered with soft but firm microfiber. The back of the cover is built by using hardened plastic covered with leather, it keeps the Kindle stable and fixed. The front cover resists any external pressure.

Let the cover be opened or closed, it’s not slippery and always a pleasure to hold.


Thanks to the best materials used, holding the Kindle leaves you with satisfaction and the never-ending need to read.

The Beamy has a nice surprise for your nose too, as it smells like leather.


The designers of Kindle Beamy followed one simple rule: never let any space go to waste. Demonstrating this dedication, they made a cover that perfectly fits the device while hardly making it bigger or heavier.

You don’t have to expect a great difference in weight or size when using Kindle Beamy.



The Kindle Beamy provides great looks while also hands you protection.


The front of the cover is both hard and flexible. It’s hard enough to resist any pressure and flexible enough not to break because of any tension.

The front links to the back with a sound magnet that needs no effort to keep the cover in place when closed.

The front has a thick cover that is placed just over the screen so that the screen and the cover doesn’t touch. You don’t have to worry about any scratches or abrasion.


The device is automatically wakes when opening the front cover and goes to standby when closing it. So you not only protect your device but also its battery by not using it when it’s not necessary. This way you can enhance the operating time of your Kindle a great deal.


This brings us to one of the best attributions of Kindle Beamy: weight. The Beamy weighs almost nothing, it’s like holding a feather, light and soft at the same time.

You’ll have no problems holding it, no pain in your hands, only pleasure.







A lot of you may think it’s weird to read on a touch screen because it’s not like a book. However, the designers of Beamy took a step forward and brought us closer to the real reading experience. The Beamy automatically puts your decive to sleep when you close the cover and wakes when you open it.

The Kindle Beamy covers are among the lightest covers on the market. You can hardly notice any difference in weight when using Beamy.

Like books, the Kindle Beamy also has a charming smell: it smells like freshly made leather.

When designing the Beamy covers, one of the most important priciples was to create a resistant and durable cover. The other one was to give the users the opportunity to express themselves and form their own style. This is why the Beamy covers come in four colors: midnight black, white, deep red and caramel.

Black Meadow - midnight black

The Beamy Black Meadow combines great elegance and simplicity. It’s not flashy, but it’s conspicuous. It’s not ostentatious, it’s spectacular.

It’s made of premium-quality leather that provides a nice suit to your hand and also gives protection. You can wake or put your Kindle to sleep by opening and closing the cover.




White Wind - white

The Beamy White Wind was made for those who prefer immaculate classics. Its matte white color not only attracts looks but also keeps them.

The high-quality leather takes care of our senses and our Kindle: it provides protection for your device and comfort for your hands. Open the cover to wake the Kindle, close it to put it to sleep.


Sweet Caramel - caramel

Sweet caramel was made for those who are fond of absolute naturalness. Its light brown color rightly reminds us of creamy caramel. Beamy Sweet Caramel tells the world right away that you find reading just as sweet.

Like every Beamy cover, it wakes the Kindle when opening and puts it to sleep when closing.



Red Feather - deep red

Extravagant, bold - this is what Beamy Red Feather tells you. The Beamy Red Feather is stylish, shows confidence and just perfect to look at. It’s as light and soft as a feather, hence the name, Red Feather.

The premium-quality leather protects your Kindle and provides comfortable reading experience at the same time. Not only is it creative but also handy: the Kindle wakes by opening the cover and is put to sleep by closing it.




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